Private Room

The Private Room can accommodate 30-36 people and is great for corporate meetings, events, and weddings. Best of all, it is no extra charge to reserve.


Please read our Private Dining Room Confirmation Policy before reserving:

Private Dining Room Policy:

Any parties in the Private Dining Room will be required to provide Leblon Steakhouse with a credit card to hold the reservation. We require all parties to give us a guaranteed number of people within 72 hours of the event. That guaranteed number of people is what will be charged to the credit card on file whether or not that amount of people show up to the event. We do this because of staffing and food ordering, which all needs to be completed 72 hours prior to an event.

Please note that we have this policy in effect so we can continue to offer the reservation of the private dining room free of charge.

Times Available to Reserve:

*Not available on Fridays or Saturdays.

Monday-Thursday, 5pm – 8pm, *minimum 30 people, maximum 36 people*